About Revive

Dr Janaki C. Desai
Menopause Specialist Doctor

Revive Women’s Clinic located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat offers 360 degree care with an approach to individualized Midlife Health Care including menopause care, non-hormonal and hormonal treatment, treatment of early abnormality, regular screening, management of urogenital problems and sexual dysfunction, lifestyle modification and education related to diet, exercise, yoga and meditation.

Dr Janaki C. Desai is a Consultant Gynaecologist at Revive women’s clinic, Ahmedabad. She is a specialist in care of women 35 years and above. She has MD, DGO, PGDHA, CIMP to her name. She is the pioneer and qualified menopause specialist in the state of Gujarat.

Dr Janaki C. Desai passed her MBBS, MD and DGO from NHL municipal medical college and KM postgraduate institute, Ahmedabad. After gaining experience in India she went to the United Kingdom to explore the international horizon. She progressed very fast there and landed up working in the world-renowned center at The Royal Free hospital, London. She also spent time at the Cancer Hospital (GCRI), Ahmedabad.

Dr Janaki C. Desai has experience of many years of practice in the field of gynaecology. Now she has decided to restrict her practice in the area of her core expertise i.e. the care of women in the age “midlife and beyond”.

Treatment of menopause, lifestyle issues of women and cancer screening is her main area of interest.

Her aim is to help all women achieve a goal of fit at forty, strong at sixty and independent at eighty.

Malini Shah Kobawala
Yog Therapist

Malini Shah Kobawala is a yog teacher and yog therapist. She is Masters in Science of living, Preksha Meditation in Yog, CIN, CFN, SUJOK and also Raiki master.She has been working in the field of yog therapy for more than 7 years. She has also been a yog instructor at Nirma University, IIT-Gandhinagar and Adarsh Ahmedabad. She is a trustee of Mangal Keshav Foundation, which works for the improvement of underprivileged villages.

Inclusion of Yog in your life can enhance your physical and emotional well being. Yog Therapy a new discipline when Yog is practiced with a therapeutic intention. Yog therapy can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental diseases. The applications of Yog Therapy range anywhere from maintaining health, to recovering from chronic illness - in some cases, even those considered incurable.

Mrs.Malani tailors yog therapy to the individual needs of women with health problems. The therapy employs simple postural, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices, taking into account medical diagnoses and holistic factors. It emphasizes mind-body integration, extended awareness and the cultivation of a sense of harmony with the rest of life. It is applicable to many chronic conditions and can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies. Prior experience of yog is not required.

Our clinic


To be the preferred clinic for women of midlife and beyond, providing patient education, assessment and treatment with the development of an individualized health care plan and creating awareness about menopause in the society.


Revive women’s clinic is committed to provide a multi-disciplinary medical and non-medical comprehensive approach for the care for women of midlife and beyond, addressing menopause-related health issues and educating women about this crucial stage of their lives making them more confident, empowered and energized and thereby achieving the goal “Fit at Forty, Strong at Sixty and Independent at Eighty.”